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Blue Frog Mobile and Mr. T Team Up to Deliver New Ringtones

July 31st, 2005

Blue Frog Mobile, a leading provider of mobile media and entertainment announced today that it is launching “T Tones” content, featuring the voice of 80′s super star Mr. T. The 80′s are back, and in true retro-chic fashion, you can now get one of Mr. T’s famous catchphrases on your cell phone. The mohawked, bejeweled [...]


Unlocking Steps for Treo and other common Cingular phones

July 29th, 2005

Many people have asked how to unlock the Treo 650 branded by Cingular as well as many other popular phones. I do not in any way support or supply unlocking codes; but I was able to obtain the steps involved once you have these said codes. I will be compiling a list of reliable unlocking [...]