Bluetooth Tethering with Cingular Blackjack Made Easy

November 19th, 2006

David Ciccone of Mobilty Today.com has had his Cingular Blackjack for some time now and is truly impressed with its abilities. David wrote a brief article on how simple it is to create a Dial up Network (DUN) connection to enable internet access from your computer via the Cingular Blackjack.

  • Pair the computer and your Blackjack using steps discussed in the manual
  • Launch the “Internet Sharing” application on your BlackJack. It can be found in the \Windows folder. (To locate it: Start -> Applications -> File Explorer -> \Windows -> Internet Sharing)
  • Choose “Bluetooth PAN” as the PC connection, and “MEdia Net” as the network connection
  • Hit “Connect” (left soft key)
  • On the PC, go to Start > Network Connections. Click on the “Bluetooth network connection” icon. Choose your BlackJack, and hit Connect

So far this has only been tested with the Windows XP SP2 Bluetooth stack, but others should work just fine.


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  2. Kristen Says:

    Launch the “Internet Sharing” application on your BlackJack. It can be found in the \Windows folder. (To locate it: Start -> Applications -> File Explorer -> \Windows -> Internet Sharing)

    My BLACKJACK did not have the “internet sharing” folder so I could not move on to the next step.

  3. Scott Says:

    Found the Internet Sharing application just fine, and it starts ok. However, Windows (Vista) never sees the device as a bluetooth PAN device – anyone able to get this working with Vista?

    I am able to activesync over bluetooth just fine.


  4. Tony Says:

    Same here. WinXP works fine but Vista does not find PAN on the device.

  5. vietrolla Says:

    I cant find it on my phone, am I not looking in the right spot im going to start applications file explorer but its not showing anything about internet sharing…….

  6. Matthew Says:

    OK. This will make everyone who has a blackjack’s life SO much easier.

    There is a registry setting that will enable to bluetooth PAN (Internet sharing) to start as soon as the device is turned on. It is a registry hack, so if those two words scare you, do not continue.

    First you need to download mobile registry editor. (Available here: http://www.breaksoft.com/Blog/Utilities/2005/1/Mobile_Registry_Editor.aspx)

    Second step is to start a synchronization. This works with bluetooth activesync and with a usb cable.

    Next, open the Mobile Registry Editor. Go to the following folder:

    You will see a registry entry that says “ActivateOnBoot” the data value is set at 0. Change it to 1. After you do this, close Mobile Registry Editor.

    Reset your phone and you are set! This edit means that you no longer have to use file explorer to navigate to the link described in this article! It is done for you! This adjustment also won’t interfere with any USB settings. If for some reason, you still need usb for some reason you are home free.

  7. Lewis Says:

    Everything works fine for me up until it’s time to actually connect on the PC end (ie, I could find the Internet Connection Settings on the Blackjack, enabled Bluetooth, etc.). Then I saw my phone on the My Bluetooth Places and it even had the option to connect as a Network Access Point. I double click on it (after I’ve already hit connect on the Blackjack) and it says “Status: Connecting to network access point on *phone name*” for a few seconds. I then get an error that reads “The Network Access Connection failed: No local Bluetooth device was detected”. Any thoughts? I’m able to connect and push contacts and so forth and there’s a little check by my phone name indicating they’re paired. It just doesn’t seem to want to connect as an access point. Hmmph.

  8. Trey Says:

    You may need to allow Network Access on your computer as a service. Under the properties of your Paired Phone, click the Authorization tab and then check Network access.

    I am very new to this, and not sure if this will help, but it’s a direction you might try. Good luck.

  9. AZ Says:

    BJ Bluetooth PAN for Internet Sharing with Vista PC working:


  10. AZ Says:


    BJ BT PAN ICS Woking on vista

  11. Casper Says:

    Can the internet connection sharing work the other way around, that is can I share my internet from my notebook to the blackjack.

  12. Victor Says:

    Is there a way to copy this shortcut to my main menu so I don’t have to go into windows each time to turn it on?

  13. Jamison Says:

    Was anybody else able to make the active-on-boot registry hack work? It worked for me as far as connecting to the phone without having to open the internet sharing app but I had no internet connectivity through the laptop… when i changed the registry value back to 0 and reset it worked fine (after opening the internet sharing app of course). Ideas?

  14. jonathan Says:

    Jamison: I was never able to use ICS, either via bluetooth or USB. I checked my registry settings and found that ActivateOnBoot was set to 1. I set it to 0, reset the phone, and now I can connect using the ICS application via bluetooth or USB.

  15. D15AV0W3D Says:

    To create a shortcut to Internet Sharing in the Start menu of your Blackjack, you must have it synched to your PC, w/ Active Sync, then navigate to the Windows folder of your BJ from your PC, right click, copy, then navigate to the Start menu, right click, select copy, then “Create Shortcut”, you will then have a shortcut to the Internet Sharing app in your BJs Start menu.

    I don’t know how to do it from the BJ, only using the PC. But, it accomplishes the same thing, that way you don’t have to navigate through your BJs Windows folder every time.

  16. D15AV0W3D Says:

    Sorry, I meant “Paste” when under the Start menu in my above post…

  17. rey56 Says:

    The internet file sharing folder is missing. It was there a few months back, but now it is gone. Is there any way to load it back on my phone.

  18. Amerikaner Says:

    Blackjack w/WM6 and Vista tethering via USB works! I’m posting this from my BJ tethered via USB on my Laptop running Vista!

    1. Right click on your computers Bluetooth icon on system tray.
    2. Select “Join a Personal Area Network”
    3. Follow pairing instructions.
    4. When successfully paired start Internet Sharing UI on BJ like normal.
    5. When prompted by BJ, click on Bluetooth Personal Area Networks window.

    *The Personal Area Network (PAN) feature is separate from the rest of the bluetooth connections. So far the only way I can find it is right clicking the bluetooth icon.


    BlackJack 1 running WM6
    Vista Home Premium 32-bit

  19. Amerikaner Says:

    oops…correction to step 5:

    5. When prompted by BJ, click “Connect” button in Bluetooth Personal Area Networks window.

  20. Darren Says:

    Regarding the error “The Network Access Connection failed: No local Bluetooth device was detected” check in Windows Network Connections on the PC that the Bluetooth Network is enabled. Mine was disabled and even though my pc could talk to the phone via bluetooth for all other functionality, it could not connect to the network access point, getting the above error. Enabled Bluetooth network, and all was well.

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