Alltel Wireless now offers MyEconoday

July 9th, 2007

Alltel Wireless, America’s largest network, today announced that it is the first carrier to launch MyEconoday, an application providing Alltel customers immediate access to up-to-date economic indicator reports, as well as dates and times of economic and corporate events. MyEconoday for Alltel delivers the information automatically to the corresponding date and time in a user’s Outlook or BlackBerry calendar. These events become a part of customers’ daily schedule, making it easier than ever before to stay informed of market activity.

“Information is one of the highest priorities to our customers,” said Wade McGill, senior vice president of product management for Alltel Wireless. “In the financial industry, fast, up-to-date information is not only important, it’s critical. MyEconoday provides customers with information on the latest market events when it happens, wherever they are.”

Alltel’s MyEconoday provides users with two options to gain access to key market-moving information. Subscribers can sync their Alltel mobile devices to their Outlook calendar or have the information delivered wirelessly to their BlackBerry calendar. Unique to MyEconoday is the ability to customize the received information delivered to an investor’s calendar. Simple online customization gives subscribers the ability to focus on those indicators and events of interest to them. Customers can try MyEconoday by downloading a free 15-day trial at www.alltel.com/econoday.

“We are excited to join with Alltel Wireless to provide their customers with MyEconoday, an invaluable tool for anyone who can benefit from staying informed of up-to-the-minute market events,” said Cynthia Parker, Econoday CEO. “Alltel customers will now have immediate access to in-depth and important financial information, right on their device.”

Alltel customers can choose from four MyEconoday content options, each designed to meet the information needs of different types of investors. Each option is organized to deliver a variety of information reporting on the details of daily commentary, economic, corporate or global events.

* Economic Events, $19.95 per month – includes updates for approximately 50 U.S. economic indicators, as well as consensus and actual release data when it becomes available, along with event highlights.
* Market Moving Events, $19.95 per month – includes corporate earnings announcement dates for the desired ticker symbols, along with the estimate and actual earnings release data. Updates are also included for the 12 most important U.S. economic indicators referred to as the market-moving indicators.
* Market Movers Plus, $31.95 per month – includes corporate earnings announcement dates, dividend announcements, investor conference calls, stock split activities and board meeting dates for ticker symbols that customers select in addition to all the features available in Economic Events.
* Global Events, $31.95 per month – includes key economic events for Australia, Canada, Britain, European Monetary Union, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, and the United States along with consensus and actual release data as it becomes available and event highlights.

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